provides students with a comprehensive education focused on biblical leadership and ministry development.

What VBI LEAD does

Provide general Bible studies.

Provide informal and formal training programs for ministers, leaders, preachers, and teachers.

Edify faculty, staff, and administrators to ensure the institution’s mission is sound and healthy before God through research, studies, and partnership.

Formal Training


VBI LEAD as a partner school with SIBI is authorized to offer he Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree. This degree is the core training program at SIBI. Students study more than 40 courses equaling 128 college-level credit hours that cover the entire Bible. Students participate in a rich array of classes, from textual study to spiritual enrichment to ministry application. This training is rigorous, providing in just two years the same number of class hours that would require four or more years to complete at a typical college pace. Historically, training preachers has been the main focus of this core program. While training preachers is still central at SIBI, the bachelor’s degree has proven effective in preparing men and women for a wide variety of other ministry opportunities in the Kingdom.

VBI BBS Degree

A tailored degree for Vietnam Mission Field with 128 credit hours (45 hours in class/3 credit hours).

VBI LEAD offers a structured curriculum designed to provide students with a well-rounded education in biblical studies, leadership principles, and practical ministry skills. The curriculum includes courses in areas such as:

- Biblical Exegesis and Interpretation

- Theology and Doctrine

- Church History

- Pastoral Ministry

- Missions and Evangelism

- Leadership and Administration

- Counseling and Discipleship

Students are required to complete a specified number of credits to fulfill the program's graduation requirements. These credits are earned by successfully completing courses offered by VBI LEAD.

General Training

Vietnam Mission School

Vietnam Bible School

Godly Women Ministry

Vietnam Academy of Leadership Training

Mission and Purpose​

The mission of VBI LEAD is to equip and empower students with the knowledge, skills, and character necessary to lead and serve effectively in various ministry contexts. The program aims to develop individuals who are grounded in biblical principles, committed to personal growth, and capable of making a positive impact in their churches, communities, and the world, thereby enriching evangelism and edification within the Vietnamese Churches of Christ.

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